As businesses begin to reopen, the doors of theatres remain firmly shut. We want to show our theatres across the UK and beyond some LOVE, and highlight the ongoing impact of Covid-19, and what we as an industry, our audiences, and local communities are missing. 

We want to bring our theatre community together in solidarity using the #MissingLiveTheatre message on banners, on flyers, in lights and on tape and raise the visibility of all theatres, large and small, commercial and subsidised, community venues and voluntary run buildings. The response to our project #MissingLiveTheatre, gifted by members of #scenechange, has been incredible: it shows the desperation theatres feel at this time and the need for HOPE.


Your donation will be used to –


  • Cover the costs of Materials used in public arts actions


  • Cover the Postage and expenses occurred in our tape installation. Our tape is recyclable and will be taken down and reused on other theatres during the #MissingLiveTheatre project.


  • Support for professional zoom account and website costs- used to facilitate our cross industry conversations.



#SCENECHANGE began as a small email exchange ‘Dialogue in Strange Times’ between a group of set & costume designers. Now we are a wide community of theatre makers growing to over 1000 members, organised and run by volunteers, coming together in conversation and action in support of theatre.

We are taking to the streets and painting our own roadmap…