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We are Scene/Change, a collective of Set and Costume Designers brought together through ART, ADVOCACY and ACTION, in support of the theatre industry and its creative workforce. 


We began in April 2020 as an email exchange entitled ‘dialogue in strange times’ in response to the extraordinary situation our industry faced due to the global pandemic. The exchange was to connect the design community in support and solidarity, and to also reflect on design practice within the theatre & performance industry. 


Designers are the builders and shapers of the worlds we see on stage, dramaturgs of visual narrative through the use of people and space, and our work often connects the entire theatre ecosystem.


We have created astonishing visual campaigns reflecting on the crisis; The MISSING LIVE THEATRE tape installation, involving 110 theatres and arts organisations and over 400 freelance participants on a national level and THIS IS NO PANTOMIME, a poster and billboard campaign across the UK; a series of social media visual campaigns to engage the design community; Our first edition ZINE/CHANGE print publication. 


Alongside these works, we have curated and hosted three seasons of free online Zoom discussions and released blog posts focussing on current practices in theatre design. This work provided peer to peer support, reflection, connection and discussion for designers, industry speakers and partner organisations nationwide and internationally. 


The Scene/Change community is a place for all: at its heart, professional set and costume designers, design associates and assistants, of all levels of experience in dialogue with each other, and also our colleagues across the industry.

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