SCENE/CHANGE began as “Dialogue in Strange Times”- an email conversation between theatre designers as a response to the extraordinary situation we face.

We aim to be an open, ever evolving, growing community, supporting ways of coming together and connecting and taking action for theatre as we navigate ourselves through these stormy waters. It's a place for all: at its heart, set and costume designers (both established and emerging) associates, assistants. And a place for freelance creatives within the industry to join us in dialogue and unity.

Within our community of over 1000 members we are building a platform for broad ranging conversations across disciplines. Through our zoom events we bring theatre makers together to share their experiences and navigate a way forward. 

Our first community action was to show our empty desks as symbols of the isolation and invisibility we all felt as our theatres closed. Now, as businesses begin to reopen, the doors of theatres remain firmly shut. We want to highlight the ongoing impact of Covid-19 on our profession, and what we as an industry, our audiences, and our local communities are missing.

Designers are the builders and shapers of the worlds we see on stage, dramaturgs of visual narrative through the use of people and space, our work pivotal in connecting the entire ecosystem of the theatre industry.

In this time of crisis we are an essential part of the transformation that will see theatres being reopened and reimagined and ideally positioned to be at the heart of discussion around how the theatre of the future will work in a pragmatic, equal and more sustainable way.


We would love to hear from you - Please join us!


"There is no model for this time..."