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Open call for blog articles from anyone in the community - what’s on your mind? It could be words, 

It could be pictures,  It could be a blind-date invitation to a conversation with another designer (put everyone’s names in a hat!) and a blog made of the dialogue… It could be a journal It could be a radical proposal for a restructured theatre industry (all help needed) It could be a diary of making a distanced show…. a show on zoom… remote costume fittings… It could be how you got here… why design for theatre... It could be your lock-down learning… what you’re reading, listening to, watching - how you are getting through… Looking forward to hearing from you, and posting your ideas for the whole community to see and to respond to. Please email: with title heading Blog.

Vicki Mortimer


Note: If you have a great idea but you're not sure how to articulate it please contact us- we are happy to support you with the process.

Image by Ella Barraclough

Instagram: @ellakbdesign

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