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Costume Professionals Appreciation Day

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

It’s that time of year again, ‘Costume Professionals Appreciation Day’ is upon us once more and we want to get people talking about it. This year, more than ever we have felt a quiet in our industry while theatres and venues have closed their doors and we want to celebrate the wonderful work and the brilliant people in our industry who work in costume. The date for your diaries is this Thursday, the 23rd of July. Let’s build up a storm on social media by sharing images of productions we have worked on, colleagues we’ve worked with and things we have made. 

Please remember to credit photographers where credit is due and lets try and credit as many costume professionals as we can in the images. We all know just how many people it takes to bring a costume to life on stage.

Get hash tagging and encourage other colleagues in the industry to get the word out there by using the following hashtags:

#LoveCostume2020 #NotHereThisYear

#CITA #CostumeProfessionalsAppreciationDay

Photography by Sabine Lemaitre

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