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#CulturePlanB is a new podcast featuring the work of artists and communities who create culture outside big institutions. It is created by David Jubb and Matthew Dunster.

In March, all UK cultural venues were closed as part of a national effort to stop the spread of Covid-19. A number of building based organisations had to make redundancies; seeking to mothball their operations; while a campaign through press and media was led by famous actors and artistic directors calling for government support.

In July, the government announced a rescue package of over £1.5billion for the cultural sector. Venues are able to re-open but live performances continue to be prohibited. The support package runs until April 2021 and it is not yet clear whether live performances will have restarted by that date.

The voices of independent artists who work in community settings are not getting so much airtime; neither are the communities they connect with. It is perhaps not surprising because culture that is community-based tends to sit low down in the hierarchy of arts journalism and arts funding; despite the fact that independent artists and communities are responsible for most of the significant movements and innovations in contemporary culture.

#CulturePlanB sets out to find out more about the life-changing work of artists and communities who create culture outside big institutions. What are their ideas about the future of funded culture during and after Covid-19?

The first episode will be published from midday, Friday 10th July.

Follow us for details on:

Twitter @cultureplanb1 & Instagram @cultureplanb

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