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Dialogue in Strange Times - New Events Announced!

Please join in our open, informal conversations exploring and sharing our experiences in theatre making and beyond!

NEW events announced - let’s continue the conversation...


We are looking at providing access for these sessions, please contact us with requirements, so that we can try and put things in place.

Back to Work? | Part 1

Thu, 01 Oct | 8pm – 9:30pm BST | Running time 90 minutes

The first of us to go back will be setting a precedent.

Let’s talk about going back to work, share our experiences, and use the power we have found in unity to make sure our voices are heard.

NOT Back to Work? | Part 2

Tue, 06 Oct | 8pm - 9:30pm BST | Running time 90 minutes

Let’s talk about not going back to work yet, or maybe ever. How will we cope with a diverging experience - when we’re not all in the same boat anymore? How can we foster and sustain the potential for mutual support within our community?

PAY - Assistant and Associate Designers

Mon, 05 Oct | 8pm – 9:30pm BST | Running time 90 mins

Let’s talk about PAY! Both Assistant and Associate Designers need their rates improving to fall in line with other theatre technical disciplines. Can we put together a transparent pay scale that protects a minimum wage?

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