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FMTW Picnics near you!

Freelancers Make Theatre Work are organising picnics!

First picnic date is MONDAY 24 AUGUST 1pm.

An open invitation to sit in an outdoor space* with your WORK families who – If you are like us – you have missed very much since March. Bring lunch, wear a mask, sit socially distanced and talk about whatever the hell you want, if it ends up being COVID then so be it!

But most importantly, let’s be a Community for a couple of hours and enjoy being in the knowledge that it is happening all of over the country at the same time. Like post show drinks but without the show, drinks and sticky floor.

*Please, PLEASE remember to adhere to local social distancing guidlines. Be responsible for yourself and others.

Please follow this link for more info and the map of locations where you can join a picnic.

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