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This new website is aimed at making the theatre freelance community actively visible: to each other, to the wider public, and to those in government. It has emerged in recognition of the amount of work being done by spontaneously created groups at grassroots level, as well as by professional associations and unions, and  it is an attempt to make a place to link these groups, and strengthen the work collectively. Freelancers Make Theatre Work aims to be an accelerated directory and live resource for theatre freelancers across the sector. The website aims to facilitate links between the many self-organised groups and individuals who have initiated conversation during COVID, so that the work being done can be mutually supported and amplified. The voluntary group which set up the website have committed to use their existing relationships with producers, buildings, PR and press professionals to promote strategic advocacy - it is hoped that the widening network will offer more of these routes. The drive is for a swift, unified voice in urgent, unsettled times… as key decisions about the future of live performance are being made right now. FMTW's first targeted action is mass visibility - the portrait campaign is one part of this and the MP letter is another. The range and number of freelance theatre roles is breathtaking and generally unseen. Please do consider joining the action. As we all look forward, it’s clear that many of the freelance community want a re-set of the industry: Freelancers Make Theatre Work aims to ensure some of us are still here to do it. All suggestions are welcome for how to make this initiative as effective as possible. Please do have a look at the website, and see how you can help. One note to clarify: The FMTW initiative is an attempt at swift action. It is different to the Fuel-led Taskforce, which needs time to establish its form and action. We respect this, and, in time, we hope to offer resource and support to the Taskforce freelancers if it is helpful.

Thanks very much, and warm wishes,

Vicki Mortimer

on behalf of FMTW volunteer group

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