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MAKERS MAKE - Have you made PPE for the NHS?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Who are we:
 A director, a set designer, a lighting designer.
 Covid-19 made our industry grind to a halt overnight, with no knowledge of when many of us might return to work again. Yet so many of our freelancers, theatre makers  and permanent staff across all departments, jumped straight in to making PPE for the NHS. We are so moved by the compassion of people across our industry. As artists we absorb and interrogate the world around us, and in the face of this pandemic so many of us have stepped up to support the NHS by giving our time and skills to making masks and scrubs. We have created this survey to collect data of what we have achieved together. We would like to ask that you fill this out and pass it on to any colleagues in the industry who have volunteered their time.

We aim to share this data and as many pictures of you and your amazing efforts with the government and the public. And by doing so we want to show the world what you have made. We want to celebrate how important our sector is to society. If you have any questions, please contact us at Thank you for joining! Caroline Steinbeis, Lucy Sierra and Johanna Town

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