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SCENE/CHANGE Events Spring 2021

Please join in our open, informal conversations exploring and sharing our experiences in theatre making and beyond!

NEW events announced - let’s continue the conversation...


We are looking at providing access for these sessions, please contact us with requirements, so that we can try and put things in place.


Tuesday 6th April 7:30pm – 9pm BST

A year on from the first lockdown, let’s all come together again to connect and discuss where we go from here. We want to share what Scene/Change have been working on and talk together about what might happen next…

WOMEN IN THEATRE: What is best practice?

Tuesday 20th April 7:30pm – 9pm BST

All are welcome for a conversation about women’s safety in theatre; a chance to openly interrogate systems and cultures, identify problematic areas and reflect on what might be better working practices in the future.

DESIGN FEES: What is the sustainable economic model for design?

Tuesday 4th May 7:30pm – 9pm BST

A conversation about a new model for Set and Costume Designer’s fees. What might more progressive, more accessible, and more inclusive approach look like moving forward? With an introduction to our S/C survey and an opportunity for Q&As.

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