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We've been working away on a special project here at SCENE/CHANGE! Lockdown has been hard for our industry due to the extensive closure of many theatres and termination of work for most freelancers. I bet you miss it, even just a little bit - we do…

So, in lieu of a show programme, we’d like to offer you an un-show programme: A ZINE, packed full of thoughts, art, information, doodles, cut-outs, stats, and an A2 poster to hang on your wall.

This is an EXCLUSIVE chance to nab yourself a ZINE/CHANGE original – please click the link below and grab yourself a COPY!

Pre-order your limited-edition poster zine issue #1 for £6 today!

It will include a pre-loved piece of #MISSINGLIVETHEATRE tape and original artwork poster.

Buy it now. Imagine getting it in the post. What joy!

We're using the Kickstarter platform so we don't print too many and waste resources, and also to give you the opportunity to pledge a bit extra to help our industry along the way. The risks are low, we've done all the work, we just need to hit the target so we can press print!

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