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Setting The Stage

A Series of Events by Freelance Theatre Artists...

Setting The Stage is a series of talks, discussions and events centred around the people who make theatre. Organised and run by freelance theatre artists, these events give people an insight into the creative processes of designing and making for performance. All proceeds from these events go to supporting the freelance artists who run and organise them.

From the National Theatre to the Nation. Scene/Change is a community of Stage Designers taking action for Theatre.

Over the past four weeks over 100 closed theatres and venues have been wrapped in tape installations, involving over 400 designers and volunteers.

Hear from Designers Simon Kenny and Ruth Hall and Production Manager Anna Fox, about how their idea of wrapping theatre buildings in pink tape spread across the nation.

This informal talk will go through the process of organising this series of tape installations, from initial concept through to national campaign.

Come along to hear more from Scene/Change, ask questions and be involved in the ongoing discussion around #MissingLiveTheatre


Information About The Event

This event will be held in the rehearsal space at Southwark Playhouse. The space will be open from 7pm and you will be able to order drinks from your seats. The talk will begin at 7.30pm

All proceeds from this event will go directly to supporting freelance theatre artists.


Southwark Playhouse is all about telling stories and inspiring the next generation of storytellers and theatre makers. It aims to facilitate the work of new and emerging theatre practitioners from early in their creative lives to the start of their professional careers. Through our schools work we aim to introduce local people at a young age to the possibilities of great drama and the benefits of using theatre skills to facilitate learning. Each year we engage with over 5,000 school pupils through free schools performances and long-term in school curriculum support.

Through our participation programmes we aim to work with all members of our local community in a wide ranging array of creative drama projects that aim to promote cohesion, build confidence and encourage a lifelong appreciation of theatre.

More Info on Southwark Playhouse: Setting The Stage

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