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This time last year, whilst on holiday I read Yuval Noah Harari’s book ’21 Lessons for the 21st Century’. The chapter about the threat to countless industries from the onset of AI and robotics made me think that theatre was uniquely placed to survive this, as it is real people in a real room having the shared experience between performance and audience. One year later, flip this 180 degrees, and we are where we are. Uniquely placed to be the most vulnerable! Theatre Makers Support Pledge is an initiative for our industry at this time. A place for all theatre makers to both offer and find generosity and support. The simple idea is that all theatre makers are invited to post images of work or items for sale on their own Instagram page. The inclusion of the hashtag #theatremakerssupportpledge puts everything in the same ‘shop window’. Sellers ask anyone interested in buying to DM them to arrange the details of the sale. The pledge is that the seller will spend 20% of all income generated on other theatre maker’s work. This creates a circular economy and keeps the generosity moving around, so it can find all involved, late career, mid career, but especially early career and graduates.

This has the potential to grow exponentially, because everyone who posts will introduce the idea to all their followers. The more followers you have, the faster is grows!  I believe there is much support from within the industry but also from the wider audience who are missing live theatre as much as we are.

Please feel free to post anything, priced anywhere between £10 and £200. Raise awareness and raise income whilst offering and finding generosity and support. Happy Posting! @theatremakerssupportpledge

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